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Our workforce is diverse and largely comprised of skilled people working together to apply ingenuity and hands-on intelligence to our core mandate: being partners in powerful communities.

When you work with Hydro One, you can count on joining a balanced team, calling on the rich skills and experience of tradespeople to deploy their know-how. Our projects range from groundbreaking retrofits to the seamless integration of new systems and technologies. That’s why we hire the best people and we offer a rigorous, hands-on apprenticeship program where new team members work directly with seasoned staff. Our apprenticeship program and our trades hiring are jointly managed by Hydro One and the Power Workers Union. To learn more about skilled trades apprenticeships and the range of opportunities available, please visit www.TradeUp.ca.

The bottom line is always the same: safe, efficient work and a job well done.

Skilled Trades Career Kit

There’s a lot to know about our industry and opportunities for skilled tradespeople at Hydro One. Our Student Career Guide can help you understand the sector and learn more about the benefits of electrical trades careers.

The table below provides a brief overview of the different job profiles we offer. If you click on the photo, you can download the details and learn about what you need to get your future started with Hydro One.

Trades Toolkit



  • General maintenance and repair work on electrical systems and equipment; ground-level visual inspection of power and stations service transformers
  • Overhauling, maintaining, and inspecting equipment: batteries, conductors and insulators,  compressed air systems, switchgear, transformers, rotating machines, distribution stations and equipment
  • Data collection/Equipment operation: assessing equipment condition, filing blueprints, insulator contamination testing.

Power Line Technician

  • Responsible for installation, maintenance, repair, and removal of overhead and underground electric and/or fiber optic distribution systems
  • Systems include the conductor and/or fiber optic cable, as well as the wood or steel poles which support and carry the conductor and/or fiber optic cable
  • Data collection: checking defective equipment; checking maps
  • Ground level work: cable locates; flag person; equipment operator; observer (e.g. guiding loads)
  • Pole installation: Load/unload poles; install and frame wood/steel poles: remove existing poles
  • Underground work: Install primary and/or secondary cable by direct burial
    fault locating; splicing and termination of cables.

Truck & Coach Technician

  • Responsible for the inspection, repair, maintenance, and emergency repair to Hydro One fleet vehicles and trucks as well as the hydraulic equipment on the vehicles
  • Maintaining inspection schedules and coordinating/scheduling repairs to be contracted out
  • Office-related tasks: order and pick up parts;
  • Pick-up & delivery: drive and deliver vehicles to and from the garage
  • Safety inspections: inspect facility, equipment and tools
  • Small Vehicle Inspection and Repair: includes disassembling, cleaning and rebuilding parts
  • Warehouse Inventory
  • Large Vehicle Inspection and Repair: includes engine boosting and service calls to site
  • Large Parts Repair and Replacement & Fieldwork: includes vehicle recovery.

Utility Arborist

  • Responsible for removing brush, diseased trees and branches that have potential to interfere with electricity transmission lines; Works with a partner or as part of a crew.
  • Spotter: Communicate hazards; reposition bucket truck; maintenance; chain and blade replacement; trimming from ground level; branch and/or tree cutting.
  • Brush clean up/Chipping: cut branches into manageable pieces with chainsaw/hand saw; feed branches into chipper; sweeping/raking/ shovelling woodchips and debris
  • Brush removal: cut/remove brush and small trees on transmission and distribution right of ways.

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