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slideshow of the steps to connect a typical generation facilityHydro One connects generating facilities to the Transmission and Distribution network, delivering the electricity they produce at hydroelectric, coal, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear facilities to businesses and people across Ontario. We work with our customers to plan for the future and make sure facilities are in place to deliver electricity where it needs to be. Both the generator and Hydro One have distinct responsibilities.

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​07/10/17 Hydro One updates List of Station Capacity and Applications
05/01/15 New Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) Rates (effective May 1, 2015)​
OEB Final Rate Order - 2015-2019 Distribution Custom Rate Application (EB-2013-0416)

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Connection of Generation Facilities

image of Hydro One workers connecting a generation facilityOntario depends on a safe, reliable and competitively priced supply of electricity for its economic growth and quality of life. Hydro One connects new generation in Ontario by consulting early and often with potential generators and providing timely and cost-effective connections.

Building generating facilities and connecting them to the system demands attention to safety, rigid technical standards and regulatory requirements. Several crown corporations or government agencies work with generators in approving projects and in connecting generation facilities.

Connecting to Hydro One's Distribution or Transmission systems involves several steps and both the generator and Hydro One have distinct responsibilities.

Hydro One is responsible for:

  • Safety, reliability and efficiency of the Hydro One system, and ensuring the new generation connection does not adversely affect the system or our existing customers.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Hydro One system and ensuring that regulatory codes are followed (Transmission System Code/Distribution System Code) and all applicable standards are followed.

Generators are responsible for:

  • The safety, design, construction, operation, metering, protection and control, and maintenance of the generating facility.
  • All costs associated with connecting a generating facility to Hydro One's system.  
  • Contacting the various agencies involved well before finalizing plans.
  • Ensuring all necessary submissions and agreements are completed and required payments made.
  • Considering using a consultant to assist with the connection requirements, process and approvals.


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Net Metering Program

Connect to the grid at more than
50 kV and are registered with the Independent Electricity System Operator.


Connect to the power system at less than 50,000 volts.


Our program provides bill credits
for the electricity generated from renewable energy technologies.

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Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program 2.0
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Metering Requirements