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picture Mayo SchmidtMayo Schmidt
President & CEO of Hydro One Limited and Hydro One Inc.

Mr. Mayo Schmidt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of both Hydro One Limited and Hydro One Inc. and a director of both Hydro One Limited and Hydro One Inc. Prior to joining Hydro One, Mr. Schmidt served as President, Chief Executive Officer, and director at Viterra, Inc., the global food ingredients company. Early in his career, Mr. Schmidt held a number of key management positions of increasing responsibility at General Mills, Inc. until he joined ConAgra Grain, Canada as President and spearheaded ConAgra's expansion. He was promoted to Executive Vice-President, Domestic and International Operations with KBC Trading and Processing Company, a 122 global subsidiary of ConAgra Inc. In 2000, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, the leading Canadian agriculture corporation and predecessor to Viterra, Inc. In 2005, he was named President, joined the Board of Directors, and led Saskatchewan Wheat Pool to become a listed public corporation. In 2007, he led a $2.0 billion acquisition of Agricore United, then a $2.2 billion acquisition of ABB, Australia's leading agriculture corporation, and grew Viterra, Inc. from a $54 million dollar market capitalization. Mr. Schmidt currently sits on the Board of Directors of Agrium Inc., a global agriculture firm. He was a member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executive Officers, Executive Committee Member of The Conference Board of Canada, Trustee of The Conference Board Inc. USA, and Harvard's Private and Public, Scientific, Academic and Consumer Food Policy Group, and is on Washburn University's Foundation board of Trustees. Mr. Schmidt received his B.B.A. from Washburn in 1980.

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