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Financial Reporting


2017 quarterly reports for hydro one LIMITED

Q1 Quarterly Earnings Release, ​MD&A and Financial Statements​

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Annual reports for Hydro One LIMITED


 cover: 2014 Annual Report

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Initial Public Offering

IPO Prospectus - October 29, 2015
IPO Presentation - October 2015


Security Filings for Hydro One LIMITED

For more information about Hydro One Limited and our latest security filings, visit SEDAR.

Security Filings for Hydro One Inc.
(A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Hydro one limited) 

Annual Information Forms

For more information about Hydro One Inc. and our business in the last year, read our 2015 Annual Information Form.

Quarterly and Annual Reports for Hydro One Inc.

2016​ Annual Results - Downloadable Content

2016 MD&A
2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

2015 Annual Results - Downloadable Content

2015 Consolidated Financial Statements - XBRL
2015 MD&A
2015 Consolidated Financial Statements

All of Hydro One Inc.'s quarterly and annual security filings can also be found on

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