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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keeping your Account current 

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, we are here to help. We offer installment plans and a Budget Billing Plan to make things easier for you. If you will be unable to pay the full balance of your bill by the payment due date on your bill it is important for you to call us and speak to one of our call center agents. They can be reached at 1-888-664-9376​, Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., and Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Understanding Your Options

Hydro One understands that customers may
sometimes have difficulty paying their electricity bills.
In order to assist customers there are a variety of programs, financial and conservation based:  

What Can These Financial Assistance Programs Do For Me?


Provide emergency financial help


Identify where you can conserve power to reduce your bill


Qualify for new energy efficient home appliances

     CheckmarkManage your monthly budget by paying the same amount for electricity each month
How to Pay 

If you make a payment by cheque, online banking or at the bank, please note that it can take 3-5 business days to process. 

To ensure prompt receipt of payment, you can make a payment through Canada Post MoneyGram, Western Union Quick Collect or call Paymentus at 1-877-507-5093 to pay by credit card. Please note that there are fees associated with these services.
If we visit your property to install a device to limit the flow of electricity, which severely restricts the number of electrical appliances that you can use at the same time, only credit card payment will be accepted at that time.

You May Hear From Us
Hydro One strives to work closely with our customers to ensure their accounts are kept up-to-date. Customers with over due payments will receive an automated phone call from Hydro One encouraging them to contact us to discuss their account.  
If you receive an automated call or a payment reminder letter, please call us and speak directly to a call center agent. Our agents will work with you to determine if you qualify for an installment plan and are able to provide information on other programs designed to help you manage your bill and to keep your electricity costs down.  

How We Reach Out to Customers
chart of customer contact from courtesy call reminder, payment reminder letter to disconnection notice letter 
Disconnection is always the last resort. Customers will always be reminded of an overdue account and given the opportunity to contact us to discuss an installment plan. Contact our call center and speak to an agent about what options are available for you. Please note that due to updates in technology, our newest meters have the function to remotely disconnect and reconnect customers without an in-person connection visit.

Out of concern for the safety of our customers, we do not disconnect residential customers during the winter months or periods of extreme cold.
Additional Resources
Visit www.211Ontario.ca or dial 211 for more information on services and programs available in your area. The 211 helpline is a source for Canadians seeking information and services to deal with life's challenges. It is a free and confidential service. ​
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Budget Billing
Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)