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Deciding on upgrades is easy when you know exactly where you’re losing the most energy.

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Whether you run a grocery store, poultry farm or shipping warehouse, you can qualify for Audit Funding as a Hydro One business customer. Both building owners and tenants can receive funding for an energy audit.

Review eligibility criteria

Commercial, institutional, agricultural, industrial and multi-residential customers can all apply for Audit Funding. View eligibility criteria

Review how the program works

Apply for funding. Download the Audit Funding Checklist and the Audit Application Information Form for everything you need to know before you begin.

Your audit receives approval from Hydro One.

Hire a qualified, third-party energy auditor to perform the audit. To be eligible, auditors must meet ONE of the following qualifications:

  • A professional engineer (P.Eng.)
  • A certified engineering technologist (CET)
  • A certified energy manager (CEM)
  • A certified measurement and verification professional with at least three years of relevant experience evaluating energy systems in buildings
  • An engineer-in-training under the supervision of a P.Eng. or CET, only if the audit report is signed by the qualified professional

Submit your energy audit report, energy auditor invoices (including auditor’s travel expenses). Download the Post-Energy Audit Information Form for a complete list of necessary documentation. Your cheque will arrive in the mail post-submission.

Incentives put you on the fast track to savings


Building Owners

For those who own their facilities

  • Up to 50% for electricity survey and analysis
  • Maximum of $25,000
Learn more

Building Owners and Tenants

Owners and tenants may be eligible for a Building Systems Audit

  • Up to 50% for audits of optimizing fans, pumps, compressors, and other building systems*
  • Maximum of $5,000
Learn more

*This incentive does not include the study of lighting systems

Success Stories

Town of Marathon

Marathon, ON

Read Town of Marathon

With the help of Audit Funding, Marathon completed energy audits of nine municipal buildings–from the town pool to the golf course and came away with six high-priority projects.

Project Details

Nine municipal buildings audited





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