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 Get up to $1,500 in FREE lighting upgrades for your business 
  • Includes new generation LEDs
  • Cut lighting costs up to 75%
  • Installation by a qualified electrical contractor
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Registration is now closed – get on the list for 2016!
 Big changes are coming to the Small Business Lighting program! Stay tuned for updates as we finalize program details. To reserve your spot on the waitlist, please email saveonenergy@hydroone.com or call 1-866-932-8283 for answers to your questions.  
 Owners and operators of small businesses and farms 

The SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING program is open to Hydro One customers, including:

  • Retail businesses such as grocery stores, dry cleaners or drug stores
  • Business services such as lawyers, accounting or insurance firms
  • Food service businesses such as restaurants, bars or clubs
  • Farms with lighting in barns and out buildings
 To qualify, you must have an overall electricity demand of less than 50 kW  
 If your Hydro One bill shows usage only measured in kWh, then your annual electricity demand is likely 50 kW or less. If it shows kW or kVA, then your business likely has a demand of more than 50 kkW a year.

  • Choose LED to lower your farm’s operating costs
  • Get up to 50,000 hours of service
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
 Get up to $1,500 in energy-efficient lighting. Free. 

The SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING program includes:

  • A free, no-obligation energy assessment
  • Installation of upgrades to lighting, including LEDs, (and electric water heater, where applicable) at your convenience
  • All work performed by a licenced electrical contractor
 There may be opportunities for further energy-efficiency retrofits above the $1,500 incentive. Speak to our representative for more information. 
 Reduce electricity use up to 75%  
bulb Depending on the type of lighting in your business, you may be able to take advantage of LED lighting. Not only are they much more energy efficient, they are dimmable, instant on and last four to nine times longer than incandescent bulbs. That means fewer replacements, which is especially handy in hard-to-reach locations.
 Quick, convenient and free of charge  
 If we have not already contacted your business, get in touch with us today. Here’s how it works:  
 Access Your BusinessWe Indetify your optionsarrowWe Install the upgrades - free 
 We assess your business

Book an assessment at a time that's convenient to you. There's no obligation, no documentation to prepare, and no cost to you.
 We identify your options

We'll pinpoint your best possible energy savings for lighting and electric water heating. You can decide what you would like done and when it's most convenient for you.
 We install the upgrades – free

Our licenced electrical contractor will complete the retrofit at your convenience and can even install during open hours while your business carries on as usual.
 * Please note: Businesses that have previously participated in Power Savings BlitzOM are not eligible for this program. You must be eligible for a minimum of $300 of upgrades to participate in this program.

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 The Flower Shoppe and Music 
 Chesley, ON 
 Lighting upgrade puts the bloom on flower shop with new T8s and ballasts to create brighter lighting and savings. 

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 Heatherstone Hackney Farms 
 Listowel, ON 
 Farmers are taking advantage of FREE lighting upgrades to improve energy efficiency in their barns and other buildings. 

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 Savings almost too good to be true 

Beyond the lighting and installation offered free under this program, you’ll likely see monthly electricity savings by improving your energy efficiency. The new lighting will also immediately enhance the look and feel of your space and make your business more attractive to your staff and customers.

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