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Meter Reading Schedule

Before submitting your own meter reading to us
online, please read the instructions and schedule below.

IMPORTANT: You have a specific window of opportunity each month to enter your readings so that it's reflected on your next bill.

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Locate your Bill Cycle (formerly called "Bill Group") on your last bill.
icon: 2On the schedule below, find the current month and your Bill Cycle to determine the specific days for you to enter a meter reading online. Locate your meter, read the dials or digital display and write down the 4 or 5-digit number.
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Then log in to My Account during the specific timeframe listed below and enter your reading(s) online. If you wish to provide a meter reading during an estimation month, please contact our Customer Communications Centre at 1-888-664-9376


About Smart Meters and
Time-of-Use Pricing


thumbnail image of a Time-of-Use demand periods pie chartWith Time-of-Use pricing, you'll no longer have the need, or the ability, to submit your own meter readings online.

You'll be notified in advance of being switched to Time-of-Use pricing directly through the mail with an education kit containing information on how to take advantage of Time-of-Use prices.



NOTE: Some meter readings entered may not be accepted for billing purposes, but will be recorded in our system for reference. If today is not within your window of opportunity for your Bill Cycle, you may still enter your meter reading. 

2017 Schedule

 Click here to view the 2017 schedule

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