​High bill inquiry 

Why is My Bill Higher Than Normal?
If you receive a bill that is higher than normal, not to worry. We have narrowed down the top three reasons that lead to high bills and the easiest ways to prevent it from happening again.


Why was my bill higher last month?
     How do I make sure my bill isn't this high again?
 Inefficient energy use:
  • If you have old appliances in your home they may be inefficient and driving up your energy consumption     
  • Or, if you've added a new appliance you may not have it set to the most energy efficient setting
Time-of-Use Periods:
  • If you're on Time-of-Use pricing you may be using more electricity during the on-peak  and mid-peak periods when the cost of electricity is more expensive

Increased electricity use caused by:
  • Hot and cold seasons requiring more heating or air conditioning
  • More people in your home (e.g. guests or tenants)
  • Use of power tools for home renovations




Visit our Save Energy page for tips on how to conserve energy and programs to help you monitor and reduce your use
Monitor your electricity use through the Time-of-Use (TOU) portal in your My Account. Not signed up for My Account? Create your profile today. You can also follow some quick tips on how to take advantage of TOU pricing to help reduce your bill.
Not on Time-of-Use and worried about errors in your meter readings for estimates? Through My Account you can learn how to read your own meter and submit your own meter readings.

If you expect your electricity usage will continue to fluctuate, but you would prefer to pay a consistent amount, Budget Billing might be the right option for you - find out more and enroll today! 




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