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You can receive FREE email or text alerts when THE power is out at your property.

Outage alerts let you know when:

  • your power is out
  • when it is expected to be restored
  • when it has been restored.
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Why should I register?
  • You'll know if the power is out at your property in real time, whether you're home or not
  • It’s a simple, free service for all Hydro One customers
  • You’ll know when to expect your electricity to be restored.
How do Outage Alerts work? 
  • You can choose how you want to be informed, whether it's via email or text messaging
  • You’ll receive a text or email notification if your power goes out, with an estimated time for restoration, and another notification when your power has been restored
  • You can set ‘Do Not Disturb’ times to avoid unwanted notifications.
Callout box: Outage Text Alerts will be sent to your phone from WATTS (92887)


How do I register?

​You can register for Hydro One Outage Alerts through My Account.

I am registered for My Account

If you have already registered for My Account, you can access the Outage Alert service from the My Account home page.

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I am not registered for My Account

Registering for My Account is easy and free for all Hydro One customers. All you need is your name and account number to get started.
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Please note: standard message and data rates may apply, one message per user request.


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