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The Fall Coupon Event is back! September 25 - October 25

Save when you shop,
save energy all year

For one month only, pick up saveonenergy coupons in stores for a variety of energy-efficient products. See participating retailers below.

Not sure which products to choose?

We'll be on location at select stores throughout the month with help to get your savings started. Check out our full list of in-store events below.


Stop by these in-store events to meet our energy experts

Shop and save at these participating retailers

  • Batteries Expert
  • BMR
  • Canada Computers
  • Canadian Tire
  • CanGeneral
  • Castle Building Centre
  • Costco
  • Dollarama
  • FactoryDirect.ca
  • Giant Tiger
  • Han Star Co. Ltd.
  • Home Hardware
  • Lighting Innovation + Design
  • Living Lighting
  • Lowe's
  • MW LED Inc
  • Reno Depot
  • RONA
  • Royal Lighting
  • Sescolite
  • Si Liang LED Lighting
  • Supreme Lighting and Electric Supply Ltd.
  • The Electrical & Plumbing Store
  • The Home Depot
  • The Lighting Shoppe
  • TSC Stores
  • Turkstra Lumber
  • Union Lighting
  • Walmart
  • Wasaga Beach Building Centre
  • Wonderfull Electrical Supply

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LED bulb

ENERGY STAR® certified general LED light bulbs

$5 Coupon (General Purpose) 

ENERGY STAR® certified specialty LED light bulbs
Includes covered, dimmable, tri-light, chandelier, spotlight, floodlight or decorative

$5 Coupon (Specialty) 

LED Lightbulb

ENERGY STAR® certified specialty CFL light bulbs

$3 Coupon (1-2 pks)$5 Coupon (multipacks)

Indoor light fixture

ENERGY STAR® certified indoor light fixtures

$8 Coupon (1-2 sockets)$15 Coupon 3+ sockets

Ceiling Fan

ENERGY STAR® certified ceiling fans

$10 Coupon 

Indoor lighting controls

Indoor lighting controls (hardwired motion sensors, dimmer switches and timers)

$3 Coupon (single packs)$6 Coupon (2+ multipacks)

Electric hot water heater blankets

Electric hot water heater blankets

$4 Coupon 

Hot water pipe wraps

Hot water pipe wraps

$0.50 Coupon 



$2 Coupon (foam or V-strip) 


$3 Coupon (door frame kits)

Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters

Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters

$10 Coupon (1-2 pks) $30 Coupon (3+ multipacks)

Power bars

Power bars with integrated timer or auto-shutoff

$4 Coupon 

Heavy-duty outdoor timers

Heavy-duty outdoor timers

$4 Coupon 

Outdoor clothesline umbrella stands or clothesline kits

Outdoor clothesline umbrella stands or clothesline kits

$10 Coupon 

Learn how these products can help you save at home!

image of a LED lightbulb

LED bulbs that last longer

ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs last at least 25,000 hours. That’s about 20 years of normal use!

image of a Power bar

Fight phantom power

Power bars with integrated timers can help you save on energy costs by shutting off electronics in standby mode.

image of a CFL lightbulb

Here’s a twist!


  • • Come in all shapes and sizes
  • • Can pay for themselves in the first year
image of a Timer

Put it on a timer

Installing a timer on your swimming pool pump can shave up to $50 a month from your electricity costs!


Look for the ENERGY STAR®

In order to qualify for an ENERGY STAR® rating, products must meet or exceed strict energy-efficiency criteria. It’s the easiest way to identify the most energy-efficient products on the market.

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