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Give Your Home a Hand: Get everyday tips, tools and programs to help you save energy.          saveONenergy and be rewarded! Earn up to 250 AIR MILES® Reward Miles when you register online and sign up for all 3 programs

 Energy-saving programs you can count on

Fridge & Freezer Pickup
 We'll haul away your old
 fridge or freezer - FREE!

  Get full details


 Save instantly on popular
 energy-efficient products
 for your home
Get money-saving coupons

     Knowing is the key
   to savings

     Use our simple tools to help
    you spot your best energy  

    Appliance Calculator
    Energy Audit Tool

 Central air? Get a FREE
 $250 programmable
Get full details

Heating & Cooling
 Get up to $650 towards
 a new furnace and
 central air
Find a participating contractor

     Smart advice for
     every home

     Focus first on these areas in
    your home for energy savings

     See the tips 

New Home Construction
 Buying a new home?
 You can bank on energy
Learn how to shop wisely


Home Assistance
 No-cost help for a
 more efficient home

  Find out if you qualify

     Kids Corner
     Do you have
   an Electric

     Play games, watch videos
    and see fun facts to help
    your whole family save

    Go to Kids Corner


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