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First nations conservation program

Get comfortable with free home energy upgrades

The First Nations Conservation Program
provides energy-efficient upgrades that can help you
save energy and make your home more comfortable.This help is offered at no cost to you.

How does the program work?

  • We look at how you’re using energy now

    We will visit your home and recommend the best upgrades for your home. We’ll start by looking at:

    • the light bulbs you are using, and
    • the age of your appliances (e.g., fridge, freezer, dehumidifier and window air conditioner).

    If your home is electrically heated, we’ll also look at:

    • whether drafts are coming in through your doors, windows, attic or basement, and
    • your insulation.
  • We install your energy-efficient upgrades

    After we assess your home’s energy efficiency, we’ll supply and install your upgrades, at no cost to you.

  • We show you more easy ways
    to save

    We’ll also show you how to use your new upgrades and give you advice on more
    ways to save energy.


Small upgrades can add up to big benefits

There’s no cost to you

We’ll supply and install all upgrades, free of charge.

Make your home more comfortable

Energy-efficient appliances and other upgrades can
improve your comfort, whatever the season.

See ongoing energy savings

With simple upgrades to your home that use less energy,
you’ll save throughout the year.

Your free upgrades may include:

ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs

power bars



ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, window air conditioners

Faucet aerators

Attic and basement insulation

Programmable thermostats

Block heater timers

Hot water tank wrap and pipe insulation

To qualify for the program:

You must be a First Nations person living in a participating First Nations community

You must be a Hydro One Networks Inc. primary or secondary account holder or live in band-owned housing

If you own your home, it must be your primary residence

If you rent your home, you must have the consent of the building owner/manager

More than 3,400 homes have already participated,
improving their home’s comfort and saving energy. Over the next few years,
the program will be offered by community, to all of the First Nations communities*
served by Hydro One Networks Inc.

For more information contact us

1-844-349-8972 fncp@fnesl.ca

*This program is offered in First Nations communities served by Hydro One Networks Inc. that did not participate in the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Aboriginal Conservation Program, 2013 to 2015.
This program is delivered by First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.

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