Shrink Electricity Costs

Check out these short videos featuring tips and programs to help you save at home!

Your clothes dryer is an energy heavyweight: hang your clothes on line to save

Watch the video, then download the coupon

Helping hands for your home

Find out if you qualify for free energy upgrades.

Switch and save with LEDs

For every room, every task and every season, there's an LED bulb for that. Watch the video, then download coupons.

Is your home haunted?

See how phantom power could be draining your dollars. Watch the video, then get tips to save.

Is Your Furnace Trying To Tell You Something?

Stay cozy, keep costs down with rebates to go high efficiency.

Get $250 in heating rebates

Keep your home toasty and energy costs down.

Rebates for a new furnace

High-efficiency models are quieter and more reliable.

Save 75% with LED bulbs

LEDs last much longer and stay cool to the touch.

Upgrade your old AC

A high-efficiency model can improve your home’s air quality.

Fight phantom power

Save up to 20% on monthly electricity costs.

Why sensors make sense

Keeping lights on unnecessarily is money wasted.

Dimmer switches save

Keep bulbs lasting longer with indoor controls.

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