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Using Your Pool Wisely

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Try these handy tips to cool down your electricity costs

While swimming pools are a fun way to cool off and relax in the summer, they can lead to higher energy costs. Follow these four steps to keep your pool running as efficiently as possible:


Keep it covered

Keep your pool/hot tubs/spas covered when not in use. Uncovered pools can lose 30% of their heat and over 10,000 litres of water just through evaporation. Consider using a solar blanket to keep swimming pools warm overnight.


Pump off-peak

Run your pool and spa pump only as needed. For pools, run your pump for just 12 hours during off-peak and mid-peak hours, instead of around the clock. You’ll save electricity.


Let your timer do the work

Use timers to operate swimming pool pumps, filters and heaters during off-peak periods when prices are lowest. Lower the temperature during the week then reset the thermostat on Friday evening so it’s the right temperature for the weekend.


Become a pool inspector

Regularly clean strainers and filters to help your pool pump run more efficiently. Be sure to inspect your pool, hot tub or spa heater once a year for scale, mineral deposits and corrosion.


Sign up for peaksaver PLUS®

  • Do you also have central air? Enrol in peaksaver PLUS® to help reduce the strain on the electricity grid.
  • You’ll get a FREE thermostat, installed at no charge ($250 value).
  • On hot summer days when electricity demand is highest, a signal will be sent to slightly reduce your pool pump’s energy demand so that it safely uses less electricity, but never on weekends or holidays.

Invest to Improve

Swimming pools can be costly to maintain, so spending a few extra dollars can pay off long-term. Here are a few ideas that can cut down on your summer energy bills.


Save with sunshine

Solar pool heaters are about $3,000 to $5,000 but can be a cost-effective purchase when you consider the costs of equipment, installation and fuel for a traditional heater.


Make the switch to LEDs

Replace your pool’s underwater lights with energy-efficient bulbs. LEDs use less energy than incandescent bulbs and last longer too. Remember to switch the lights off when you’re not using your pool.


Automate your cleaning

Using a robotic pool cleaner instead of a pressure cleaner is more energy efficient and can lower your cleaning costs by up to 50%!

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