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​​Our Customer Commitments 

Hydro One wants to improve the quality of the customer experience at every interaction. We asked our customers, our employees, and a panel of experts for their advice on what customers value most, and from that we have come up with the following five commitments. We also heard that customers expect us to be open and transparent on our progress in meeting these commitments. Therefore, for each commitment we have included two measures. From now on, every six months we will publish our results. That way, our customers can hold us accountable for doing what we say we will do. Hydro One will demonstrate this through our new Service Guarantees.

For a look at our performance over time, you can view our Commitments Scorecard.

1.  We will provide you with a bill you can trust and understand.

We know how important it is that you trust that your bill is accurate and arrives on time. We also know that there is a lot of information on the bill. Therefore we commit to sending you an accurate, timely bill, and we'll make sure that it is easy to understand in order to help you manage your costs.

I. Bill Accuracy:

The percentage of bills that arrive on time to our customers, and are based on actual meter readings (for customers that are on Time-Of-Use billing), or scheduled meter readings (for customers on Two-Tier pricing)

Current Performance:  98.9%
(Q3 2016 Results)

II. Bill Satisfaction:

The percent of customers who say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the amount of information on our bill.  

Current Performance:  81%
(Q3 2016 Results)

2.  We will provide you with a reliable supply of electricity.

You want reliable power. You also know that from time-to-time there may be interruptions to your power supply, and when that happens you need to know when the power will be back on. Therefore we commit to maintaining a reliable electricity delivery service. And when the power does go out, we will give you an accurate estimate of when it will be restored.  


I. Frequency of
   Annual Power

The average number of times per year the power is out per customer. 

Current Performance:  2.1
(Q3 2016 Results)

II. Estimated Time
    of Restoration

The percentage of time we restore the power between 60 minutes before, and 30 minutes after, the estimated restoration time we give you.  

Current Performance:  76%
(Q3 2016 Results)


3.   We will make it easy to do business with us.

You expect quick convenient access through whatever channel you prefer: phone, internet, or mobile device.  Therefore, we commit that we will answer the phone quickly and make sure that convenient self-serve options are only a click away.


I. Average Wait Time

The average number of seconds customers wait to speak to one of the customer service representatives at our call centre.

Current Performance:  54 seconds
(Q3 2016 Results​)

II. MyAccount

The percentage of our customers that are satisfied or very satisfied with our self-serve website.  

Current Performance:  79%
(Q3 2016 Results)


4.  We will courteously and promptly work to resolve any issues you may have.

We know that sometimes you reach out to us because you have special circumstances, questions or issues.  Therefore we commit to giving you the right answers the first time you call whenever possible, and to work with you to resolve any issues or concerns that can’t be resolved right away. 


I. Staff Courtesy

The percentage customers who say they are satisfied with the courtesy and promptness of contact centre and field business centre staff.

Current Performance:  96%
(Q3 2016 Results)

II. First Call

The percentage of our customers who say that we resolved their issue on the first call.  

Current Performance:  82%
(Q3 2016 Results)


5.  We will help you manage your electricity use.

We know that electricity costs can be a significant portion of your overall budget, and that you need a trusted source of advice on how to keep electricity costs down. Therefore we commit to providing conservation programs and assistance to all customers to help them manage their electricity use and save money.   


I. Electricity Saved

The number of gigawatt-hours of electricity saved as a result of our conservation programs.

Current Performance:  356.6 gigawatt-hours
(Q3 2016 Results)

II. Electricity
The percentage MyAccount users who say we provide information on our website that helps them manage their electricity use and costs.

Current Performance:  77%
(Q3 2016 Results)


Service Guarantees

Hydro One is introducing these Service Guarantees, a first of its kind for any electric utility in Ontario. These provide tangible evidence that we stand behind the service we provide our customers. From now on, if we fail to meet any one of these Guarantees, we will credit the affected customer’s account $75.

Exceptions To The Service Guarantees ("The Guarantees")
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