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Shoulderblade Falls Generating FacilityHydro One Remote Communities Inc. generates and distributes electricity to 21 communities in the most northern part of the province.  Due to the lack of grid connection, we generate electricity to meet our obligations under Section 26 of the Electricity Act, 1998. Diesel generation is currently the prime source of electricity within these communities, but we also own and operate two run-of-the-river mini-hydro electric generating facilities (see photo of Shoulderblade Falls generating station, right) and four demonstration project windmills. 

The communities are isolated and scattered across Ontario’s far north. Thirteen can only be accessed by aircraft or winter roads, and in the case of one community, by barge. Transporting staff, fuel and equipment across our vast, isolated service territory is one of our key logistical challenges.

Poster: DANGER - Stay clear of wires. Call us at 1-888-825-8707 if there is an emergencyMost of our customers are First Nations and Métis people, who speak English, Ojibway, Oji-Cree and/or Cree. We often contract with local Band Councils for services, such as: plant operation and maintenance, meter reading, environmental remediation and janitorial work. 

Since 1999, we have used an Environmental Management System (EMS) to help us reduce our environmental footprint and maintain biodiversity in these environmentally sensitive areas of the province.

To learn more about how we overcome unique challenges to bring electricity to the far north, read any of our newsletters below, or watch our video Hydro One Remotes: Powering the North.

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: Remote Communities Newsletter

Read the latest issue of Connected, a newsletter specifically for our Remote Communities customers, now translated into multiple First Nations languages.

REMOTES Connected Fall-Winter 2016 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall-Winter 2016 ENGLISH720 KB
REMOTES Connected Fall-Winter 2016 OJICREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall-Winter 2016 OJICREE698 KB
REMOTES Connected Summer 2016 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Summer 2016 ENGLISH923 KB
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REMOTES Connected Fall 2015 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2015 ENGLISH550 KB
REMOTES Connected Fall 2015 CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2015 CREE570 KB
REMOTES Connected Spring 2015 OJI-CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Spring 2015 OJI-CREE567 KB
REMOTES Connected Spring 2015 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Spring 2015 ENGLISH558 KB
T15813 REMOTES Mail-in Rebate Program Application.pdfT15813 REMOTES Mail-in Rebate Program Application225 KB
REMOTES Connected Fall 2014 CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2014 CREE1073 KB
REMOTES Connected Fall 2014 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2014 ENGLISH1145 KB
REMOTES Connected Spring 2014 CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Spring 2014 CREE1157 KB
REMOTES Connected Spring 2014 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Spring 2014 ENGLISH1125 KB
REMOTES Connected Winter 2013 CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Winter 2013 CREE876 KB
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REMOTES Connected Fall 2013 CREE.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2013 CREE736 KB
REMOTES Connected Fall 2013 ENGLISH.pdfREMOTES Connected Fall 2013 ENGLISH803 KB
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