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Emergency Responders

image of a damaged sports car with power lines near the vehicleAs emergency personnel, the very nature of your work often puts you in extremely hazardous situations.  When responding to the scene of a fire, car accident or other potentially dangerous situation, it's important to remain mindful that electricity may be involved. 

Electricity is a major part of our lives; power lines and underground wiring are all around us.  At the scene of a fire or accident, live wires can energize objects around them, creating unseen electrical hazards.  It only takes a fraction of a second to come into contact with an energized object or overhead/underground line, and it can result in serious injury or death.

Materials have been developed to increase the level of safety awareness among law enforcement, fire and paramedic first responders of high-voltage electrical equipment and facilities that require additional cautionary measures to be taken when responding to emergencies.

  1. The Electrical Safety Handbook for Emergency Responders documents best practices for coping with electrical hazards in rescue and fire situations. The handbook was prepared by Hydro One Networks Inc., in partnership with the Office of the Fire Marshal and the Public Services Health & Safety Association (formerly Municipal Health and Safety Association). To schedule electrical safety awareness training contact the PSHSA. To view an online version of the handbook or to purchase a hardcopy, visit the PSHSA’s Website.
  2. In 2011, Hydro One Networks partnered with the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) to bring you another valuable addition to your learning library. Hydro One proactively supplied Ontario’s police, fire and EMS departments with the DVD "Electricity The Invisible Killer." The video describes 6 unique scenarios involving emergency responders, and the safest method for dealing with each situation. The CEA has a web portal for online access and live streaming of this important training tool.  To view it now, visit www.electricity.ca/theinvisiblekiller/

Click to watch the video "Electricity: The Invisible Killer" 


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