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Power Outage Information at Your Fingertips

Hydro One provides detailed outage information online and in the palm of your hand with our Storm Center outage maps and Hydro One Mobile application.

Our online Storm Center outage mapping system is updated every 15 minutes with information on restoration times, outage causes and crew status to keep you informed.

Outage Reports

Read ourToronto Flood Summary Report (May 8, 2014) 

Experiencing a power outage? We've got an App for that!

Hydro One’s FREE mobile application is now available for download on smartphone and tablet devices allowing customers to check the status of power outages anywhere in our service area.  Click the link that matches your device below:

BlackBerry®       iPhone® or iPad®         Android

Hydro One Storm CenterClick to visit the Hydro One Storm Center


Hydro One Mobile App

image of the Hydro One Mobile app on three different devices: Blackberry, iPhone and Android

The app allows customers to access an interactive outage map from the palm of their hand anytime, anywhere. The map is updated every 15 minutes and displays both planned and unplanned outages and is searchable by address. If there is a power outage, crew status, estimated time of power restoration and cause, if known, are displayed. This allows customers to make choices on whether they should stay in their homes during an outage or make arrangements to stay with friends or family depending on the estimated restoration time of their power.

Customers will also get the latest news from Hydro One delivered directly to their device.

For more information, download the User Guide for all devices (Adobe Acrobat).



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support for the Hydro One Mobile application?
Questions regarding support or suggestions for improvements to the Hydro One Mobile applications for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad and Android devices can be sent to webmaster@hydroone.com. Please be sure to indicate the following in your email:

  • Device Type and Model
  • Network type (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
  • Operating System Version.

How often is the data refreshed in the Hydro One Mobile application?
Outage map data is refreshed every 15 minutes. Please remember that an internet connection from your device is required in order for the refreshed data to be reflected on the outage map and outage summary screens.

The application won't install on my device. What is the problem?

If you are using a device that is deployed on a corporate network, there may be restrictions or policies that prevent you from installing applications. Please check with your corporate IT support group.

If your device is not deployed on a corporate network and you still have trouble installing the app from the stores, please ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements found in the store description.

What is the difference between planned and unplanned outages?
Planned outages are interruptions in service that are scheduled in advance in oder to perform system maintenance or provision new service.

Unplanned outages are interruptions in service caused by unexpected events such as storms, system issues or other external forces.

Is there a version available for Windows Phones?
There are currently no Windows phone versions of the Hydro One Mobile application available.

Why are the outage information and news not loading?

The application requires a connection to the internet in order to retrieve the content. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet over wi-fi or your telephone carrier with an active data plan. The application will provide you with a message indicating your connection appears to be offline or that a connection could not be established.

Can I install the BlackBerry version on my BlackBerry Playbook?

The current BlackBerry version is targeted for BlackBerry phones only and will not install on the PlayBook.

Can I install the BlackBerry version on my BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 device?
Yes! The Q10 and Z10 BlackBerry-compatible version of our app is now available in the BlackBerry World app store. 

Can I search for an outage in a particular town or region?

Yes you can! Click the search icon in the outage map screen and enter an address, town or city. Be sure to include Ontario as part of your search terms (e.g. search for 'Barrie, Ontario'). 

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