Handle power outages this winter

​​​​​​1.jpegThe Weather Networks is forecasting a "classic Canadian winter"! Be prepared for any storm this season and know exactly what to do if the power goes out. 

The first thing to do is call us at 1-800-434-1235. Our team is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to power outages and emergency situations. During a power outage, our crews hit the ground to patrol power lines and determine what caused the power outage, not stopping until power is restored to every customer. 

​​At home, you can create a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit with the following supplies: windup or battery powered flashlight, windup or battery powered radio, portable external battery charger for smart devices, water (2 litres per person per day), canned or dried food that won't spoil, manual can opener, batteries for your flashlight and radio, cash, blankets, candles and matches, first aid kit, and any medical items and prescriptions you require. You can also include a paper list of emergency numbers and important contacts. 

While we work behind the scenes, you can get updates by downloading our free mobile outage app available on most smart phones and tablet devices. You can also register to receive proactive free personalized text or email alerts about power outages. When you register for this service through myAcc​​ount, you will receive alerts when an outage has been reported near your residence and updates on estimated times of restoration. 

For a behind the scenes look at how we restore power, watch our video clip below. The season might be different, but our approach remains the same, which is to​ restore power to our customers as quickly and as safely possible. 



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