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​​​​​​​Leaside to Main Infrastructure Refurbishment Project 




Ensuring a safe and reliable supply of power for homes and businesses in Ontario is Hydro One's top priority. An important step to sustaining this commitment involves maintaining and renewing our infrastructure.

Hydro One has identified two sections of underground transmission cable which require replacement to maintain a continued delivery of safe, reliable electricity and minimize the risk of future power interruptions. The cable sections, located in the eastern part of downtown Toronto, run between:

  • Leaside Transformer Station (TS) and Todmorden Junction (JCT)
  • Lumsden JCT and Main TS​

In January 2016, Hydro One initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project. The review and comment period for the draft Environmental Study Report (ESR) ended in November 2016. 



As you may recall, our consultations on this project originally included the replacement of overhead shield wire between Todmorden JCT and Lumsden JCT, which we had planned to complete at the same time as the underground cable replacement. The work on the shield wire has now been postponed and will no longer be assessed as part of the Class EA. Hydro One is currently re-evaluating this shield wire replacement to identify opportunities to combine it with future refurbishment activities that may be required in the same area. The release of the draft ESR, originally scheduled for early September 2016, was deferred to incorporate this change. Further information is available here.

Hydro One monitors and assesses its equipment and infrastructure across the province. These sections of underground cable were installed in the 1960s and are nearing their end-of-life.This infrastructure is a critical component of Ontario's electricity grid and for the supply of power to Toronto Hydro customers in this area.


Refurbishing this equipment will strengthen and modernize our infrastructure and the electricity grid that powers your city every day.​​


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