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Region Overview

The London Region includes the municipalities of Oxford County (comprising Township of Blandford-Blenheim, Township of East Zorra-Tavistock, Town of Ingersoll, Township of Norwich, Township of South-West Oxford, Town of Tillsonburg, Township of Zorra), City of  Woodstock, Middlesex County (comprising Municipality of Adelaide Metcalfe , Municipality of Lucan Biddulph, Municipality of Middlesex Centre, Municipality of North Middlesex, Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, Municipality of Thames Centre, Village of Newbury),City of London, Elgin County (comprising Municipality of Town of Aylmer, Municipality of Bayham, Municipality of Central Elgin, Municipality of West Elgin,  Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich, Township of Malahide, Township of Southwold), City of St. Thomas. In addition, the facilities located in the London Region supply part of Norfolk County.  

Region’s Local Distribution Companies

Entegrus Power Lines lnc.[Middlesex]

Erie Thames Power Lines Corporation

Hydro One Networks Inc.

London Hydro Inc.

Norfolk Power Distribution Inc.

St. Thomas Energy Inc.

Tillsonburg Hydro Inc.

Woodstock Hydro Services Inc.


Current Status

Needs Assessment Report was completed on April 2, 2015* and Scoping Assessment was completed on August 28, 2015*. The Local Planning Reports* for Strathroy TS and Woodstock Sub-region Restoration were completed in September 2016 and May 2017, respectively.

The IRRP for the Greater London Sub-Region was completed in January 2017.

 Regional Infrastructure Planning (RIP) phase for this region is currently underway.

* This report is available on the Relevant Documents section below.


Note: Needs Assessment (NA), as defined in Section 3C.1.1 of the Transmission System Code, is interchangeable with Needs Screening (NS) used in the Planning Process Working Group (PPWG) Report to the Ontario Enegy Board.

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Relevant Documents

collapse Category : Integrated Regional Resource Planning (IRRP) ‎(2)
2017 Greater London Sub-Region IRRP - Appendices.aspx2017 Greater London Sub-Region IRRP - Appendices4/19/2017 2:36 PM3 KB
2017 Greater London Sub-Region IRRP - Report.aspx2017 Greater London Sub-Region IRRP - Report4/19/2017 2:36 PM3 KB
collapse Category : Local Planning (LP) ‎(2)
Local Planning Report -Strathroy TS.pdfLocal Planning Report -Strathroy TS11/11/2016 11:04 AM643 KB
Woodstock Restoration Local Planning Report (Final) 20170519.pdfWoodstock Restoration Local Planning Report (Final) 201705195/30/2017 4:51 PM415 KB
collapse Category : Needs Assessment (NA) and Scoping Assessment (SA) ‎(2)
London Area Region Scoping Assessment Report.aspxLondon Area Region Scoping Assessment Report4/19/2017 2:25 PM3 KB
Needs Assessment Report - London Region - April 2, 2015.pdfNeeds Assessment Report - London Region - April 2, 20156/3/2016 2:07 PM364 KB
collapse Category : Planning Status Letters ‎(4)
Erie Thames Power - Planning Status Letter.pdfErie Thames Power - Planning Status Letter7/26/2016 8:58 AM2295 KB
HONI Distribution_Planning Status Letter_2017.pdfHONI Distribution_Planning Status Letter_20175/2/2017 11:07 AM543 KB
Hydro One Distribution - Planning Status Letter.pdfHydro One Distribution - Planning Status Letter5/27/2015 4:15 PM224 KB
Woodstock Hydro Services Inc - Planning Status Letter.pdfWoodstock Hydro Services Inc - Planning Status Letter5/27/2015 4:15 PM466 KB
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