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Regional planning is designed to ensure electricity infrastructure is adequate and reliable to meet a region's needs.

For planning purposes, Ontario has been divided into 21 regions as shown on the map below. Regional plans for these 21 regions have been divided into the following groups: Group 1 (Active)Group 2 (Active), and Group 3 (Active). The priority of a regional plan may change after receiving feedback from Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). There are several planning studies and assessments in development and this website provides relevant information and status reports for each. Information will be updated on an ongoing basis as plans are developed and results become available. Where applicable, Hydro One's website links to relevant documents on the IESO and Ontario Energy Board (OEB) websites. These coordinated websites will provide a complete picture regarding the regional planning status and information for each of the regions.

When Hydro One is identified as the lead transmitter, our primary roles are to conduct a Needs Assessment and to develop a Regional Infrastructure Plan. More about the process.

Read Hydro One's2016 Regional Planning Annual Status Report   to the OEB, of November 1, 2016.

Also available is the2014 Regional Planning Annual Status Report  and the2015 Regional Planning Annual Status Report to the OEB.

More details and documents may be viewed by mousing over a region and clicking on the coloured circle. Filter your view by unchecking the boxes below.

Group 1    Group 2    Group 3


Group 1 - Active PlansGroup 1 - Active Plans
These regions have active
plans currently underway.
Group 2 - Active PlansGroup 2 - Active Plans
These regions have active
plans currently underway.
Group 3 - Active PlansGroup 2 - Active Plans
These regions have active
plans currently underway.
Burlington to Nanticoke
Greater Ottawa
GTA East
GTA North
GTA West
Metro Toronto
Northwest Ontario
East Lake Superior
London area
Peterborough to Kingston
South Georgian Bay/Muskoka
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