Hydro One Remote Communities

2010 Hydro One Remote Communities Inc. Distribution Rate Application (EB-2009-0230)  3rd Generation Incentive Regulation

On November 04, 2009 Hydro One Remote Communities Inc. filed its Application and supporting exhibits with the Ontario Energy Board in support of a proposal for a future rate change.

A copy of the Application above can be viewed at:

                                          1. Hydro One Remote Communities
                                              Attn: Janice Balak
                                              680 Beaverhall Place
                                              Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6G9

                                           2. Hydro One Remote Communities
                                               Attn: Una O'Reilly
                                               8th Floor, South Tower
                                               483 Bay Street
                                               Toronto, ON M5G 2P5

We have followed the OEB guidelines for the 3rd Generation Incentive Regulation Mechanism (IRM). IRM is a short-term approach for setting rates between cost of service applications (i.e. our 2009 distribution rate application and our next application). It promotes efficiency within the distribution sector and through the regulatory process via simplified filing requirements.

Our portion of the delivery rates will be adjusted by a formula provided by the OEB to account for cost of living adjustment less productivity improvements. For more information on IRM, visit the OEB’s website.


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