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Tips & Tools Smart Tips. Useful Tools. Here you'll find ways to make cost-efficient upgrades and energy-efficient choices around your home.

Top areas for energy savings

Knowing where to look for no-cost low-cost opportunities in your home is the best way to get started.

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Appliances typically make up 15% of your total energy bill

  Start using appliances wisely

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How much is phantom power costing you?

  Get tips to fight phantom power


See how you use energy and what you can do to save

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Appliance Calculator

Ever wonder how much it costs you to run a dishwasher? Use this handy tool to find out this and more (Non-TOU customers only).

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Electricity Cost Calculators

Use our cost calculators to see how much certain appliances cost to run during each Time-of-Use demand period. 

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Stay cool – with less air conditioning

  See simple ways to save

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Every light fixture is an opportunity to save

  Here’s how to shop smarter

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Are your energy dollars leaking out?

  Get window wise

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The average family uses 220 litres of hot water a day

  How to use it more efficiently

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Save up to 25% on heating and cooling
costs by insulating

  Try these do-it-yourself projects

image of a dad and son tree planting

Well-placed trees
can trim cooling
costs by 40%

  Start planting for efficiency

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Your pool is the second highest electricity user

  Find efficient ways to save

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Up to 60% of your energy costs go to heating your home

  Find low-cost ways to save

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Manage your energy costs all year long with
seasonal tips

  Get your home ready for the season


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