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​Helpful tips for planting the right tree in the right place​​

​As part of Arbour Week, check out our five tips for planting a tree in the right place to stay safe and arbourday2.jpghelp save energy.  

  1. Plant an appropriate distance from power lines. Tall-growing trees should be at least eight metres away from power lines.

  2. Deciduous (leaf-sheddi​ng) trees provide shade from the summer sun to cut down on heat gain, but lose their leaves in winter to let sunlight enter your home and maximize solar warmth and light. Place them to the south and the southwest to provide shade from late afternoon/evening sun.

  3. A good windbreak includes a mixture of coniferous trees, deciduous shrubs, evergreen shrubs and perennial plants. The right combination planted tightly together can thoroughly shield your home from cold winter gusts. Even a single row of white pine can reduce the speed of wind hitting your home by 60 per cent.

  4. Low-growing evergreen shrubs planted beside basement walls add a green layer of insulation to your home's exterior. Tightly placed shrubs help to keep warmth in and winter winds out. Remember to plant shrubs at least 60 centimeters away from your foundation walls.

  5. Call before you dig to locate underground lines. Call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit www.on1call.com.

For more information, visit www.HydroOne.com/RightTreeRightPlace.


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