Where am I ?

​​​​​​​​​Crews in Craighurst​ jump to action and save crew member's life​


What w​ould you do if faced with a life-threatening emergency?

That's the question our crews faced in the Craighurst area when one of their members, Roger, collapsed with no vital signs. Thanks to first aid training, the crew immediately jumped into action to save their crew member's life.

Lucas,  the crew's foreperson, immediately called 911 while crew members Bob and Louis began CPR. Two other crew members, Jose and Doug, jumped into action to look for an AED machine. Jose drove to a local fire hall while Doug had stopped a passing motorist and headed to a nearby resort.

A firefighter from the Oro-Mendonte Fire Department was the first to respond and worked with the crew to use the AED machine. Paramedics arrived shortly after and continued delivering first-aid treatment to Roger in the ambulance.

Through their quick response and use of their first aid training, the crew helped saved Roger's​ life.

 "The team owes their skills and ability to react quickly in life-threatening situations to the exemplary first-aid training we provide," said Jon, Forestry Manager.  "They remembered what they were taught at their training sessions and instinctively delivered it in their co-worker's time of need."​

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