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​Quick thinking by crews saves​ family from house fire​​​​


Our commitment to safety is not only in the work we do, but engrained in our lives, so when Troy, Jeff and Devin saw smoke coming from a home in Fort Frances, the crew of power line maintainers and a power line apprentice leapt to action.​

 "I think we've all been in situations where we needed help from others," said Devin, a power line apprentice. "When we saw t​he smoke com​ing from the house we wanted to use all the resources we had available at the time to help out."​

With their quick-thinking, and using the tools available to them, the crew successfully put out the fire, helping to save the home from further damage and help get the family to safety.

After alerting the family to the fire, the crew used their equipment along with ladders in their truck and fire extinguishers to put out flames that had then spread to the attic of the home. The crew also shut off electricity at the property to ensure the safety of emergency responders who were dispatched to the scene.

"The customer kept shaking our hands and thanking us for what we did. But to us, we just did what everyone else would have done," said Jeff. "There was no hesitation, no second thought. We simply acted on our instincts to help others." ​​​

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