Where am I ?

​​​Sometimes all it takes is a phone call​​​​​​


By simply picking up the phone, Michelle was able to turn a routine process at a vacant property into a positive customer experience.

Michelle headed out to complete a work order for a vacant property in Strathroy earlier this fall. Arriving at the property, Michelle saw the house was not vacant, but instead for sale. Rather than proceed with the scheduled work order, she called the phone number on the for sale sign.

"I like to take the time to call," Michelle says. "We're the face our customers see in the field, so it is important to me to make a positive impact."

Later in the evening when Michelle was finished work, she received a call from the new caretaker of the property. The previous owner had moved to a retirement facility and a family member was now looking after the home.

The customer had closed the previous account at the property and didn't realize a new account was required. Michelle explained the account set-up to the customer and walked them through the steps required to register the property in a new name.

Thanks to Michelle's efforts, the customer was spared associated charges and potential safety concerns as colder weather approaches, such as burst pipes and a flooded basement.

 "We put our customers first," Michelle says. "If I can do something that will help accomplish this, I'd rather take the extra five minutes to make a ​call that will make a difference."​

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