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Delivering Electricity Safely Underwater

Our equipment is not only found on land, such as our power lines, but also in lakes and rivers. Hydro One has approximately 3,700 kilometres of submarine cable in our service territory. ​


Our submarine cables are located in areas across the province that include Muskoka, Parry Sound, Penetang, Bancroft, Thousand Island​s, North Bay, Sudbury, Kenora, Manitoulin and New Liskeard

We also d​eliver electricity to customers living on islands with submarine cables. This includes Pelee Island, which has a submarine cable approximately 24 kilometres in length, and is the main supply for the Island. 

You may have seen signage near water, which we install to help identify areas where submarine cables are present to ensure public safety and help prevent damage to our equipment​. 

A ground mounted transformer near a water body, such as in the photo above, is also a good indication that a submarine cable may be nearby. It's also important to be aware of underwater cables when installing pylons for docks, boat anchors and boat houses. 

We regularly inspect our equipment in order to identify improvements, enhancements or any repairs required in order to deliver safe and reliable electricity to our customers. Our crews will also patrol shorelines for damaged or missing sig​age. 

In 2016, we replaced 100 kilometres of submarine cable that was damaged or had reached its end of life. In some cases, a planned power outage is required in order to complete our work safely.

Hydro One reminds its customers and the public to keep safe distances away from our equipment and while ​our crews working. For more safety tips and reminders, check out our Safety section. 

Example of Hydro One signage for submarine cables

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