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The New Hydro One


We proudly serve the needs of customers, shareholders, employees, communities and the people of Ontario. We're responsible for overseeing Ontario's largest electricity transmission and distribution provider with over $25 billion in assets and annual revenues of nearly $6 billion.

Since becoming an investor owned utility, we have renewed our commitment to customers and helped to deliver valuable customer-first programs such as advocating to reduce bills by an average of 31 per cent, reconnecting vulnerable customers during the winter and eliminating the security deposits policy, returning millions of dollars back to customers.


Here are a few more ways that we're changing to serve you better:


  • Over $114 million in productivity savings.

  • 99.7 per cent billing accuracy, an all-time high for the company.

  • Customer satisfaction of 74 per cent, a six percentage point increase year over year and a four year high.

  • Reconnections to customers over the winter and extended the winter disconnection period for a second year. First utility in Ontario to do so. 

  • Provided customers more options to get back-on-track and reduced disconnections by nearly 60 per cent.

  • Reduced bills by 31 per cent for the average residential customer.


  • Weekend call centre service and the first utility in Ontario to do so.

  • First Nations Delivery Credit saving Indigenous customers an average $1,189.

  • 400 jobs back to Hydro One by insourcing our contact centre to better serve customers.

  • $12 million back in security deposits to the pockets of residential  customers and small businesses.

  • Stable employment for 7,400 hardworking, skilled employees who live and work in towns and cities across Ontario, from Woodstock to Perth, Tweed, Fenelon Falls and Thunder Bay.

  • Restored over one million customers through two severe storms in record time.


Our Core Values

icon: Safety helmet


icon: people


icon: hands holding



icon: thumb's up


icon: four puzzle pieces connected together


Turning the Power Back On

We’re always there when our customers need us. However this year, our entire team was tested more than ever. We responded to three major storm events in just six short weeks: April 4, April 14 and May 4. The result – we restored power to more than 1.3 million customers. We did it safely and in record time. It takes our entire team working together to accomplish such an amazing feat while battling unforgiving environments. To celebrate and say thank you, we created this short video.


$114M in productivity savings since IPO


All-time high billing accuracy 99.7%

Highest customer satisfaction in 4 years



$12M returned in security deposits

First Ontario electricity utility to reconnect customers during winter



Mobile friendly

Bronze Certification



A growing
 utility LEADER

Customer Service Commitments


Our goal is to improve the quality of the customer experience at every interaction. We asked our customers, our employees, and a panel of experts for their advice on what customers value most. From those discussions we developed five customer commitments. We also heard that customers expect us to be open and transparent on our progress in meeting these commitments. Therefore, for each commitment we have included two benchmarks to measure our progress against. Our results are published annually and customers can hold us accountable for doing what we say we will do.

Some of our recent achievements include:
  • First Call Resolution: Increased to 85% (2017 Average)

  • Customer Satisfaction with Contact Centre: Increased to 90% (2017 Average)

  • Call Handling Service Level: Performing above our target of 80% of answering calls in 20 seconds or less

Find out more about our service guarantees.

Our Customer-Focused Journey

Residential & Small Business Customer Satisfaction



2018 YTD


Transmission Customer Satisfaction





Billing accuracy

Bills issued on time using actual meter readings.



2018 YTD


First call resolution

Addressing customer's needs the first time they call.



2018 YTD


Overdue Accounts Receivable



2018 YTD


First Nations Get Local Program (LTD)

Face-to-face interaction in the communities we serve to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.


15 communities
421 one-on-one

2018 YTD

79 communities
2,240 one-on-one

Conservation and Demand Management

Energy Savings for our customers (LTD since 2015)


$46M in customer bill savings

2018 YTD

798 GWh
$111M in customer bill savings

Our Customers Write

"I know your crews are working hard!"



"Good feelings from this customer of Hydro One that I am being looked after."

"Mad props to Hydro One! They called me back for brief follow-up & asked quick questions, then visited and fixed quickly. Shortest outage I've ever been a part of."

"Kudos to Hydro One restoring our power!"

"Good job Hydro One for rerouting power with 14 broken poles outside."

"Thanks for your hard work! It's great to have power again."

"We are back online. Thank you for your great efforts."

"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your work this weekend. You guys are the best!!!"

In the News

Hydro One CEO, Mayo Schmidt, joins BNN Bloomberg's Amanda Lang.

Hydro One CEO Mayo Schmidt

Understanding the Electricity Statement



In November 2017, we introduced a new, easy to read customer statement. We listened to customer feedback and redesigned it to make it simple and straightforward with more visuals to better understand usage. Customers told us that the previous bill was difficult to understand and they had difficulty understanding the breakdown of the bill. We continue to look for new ways to provide our customers with transparency about billing, share more details about the portion of the bill that is paid to Hydro One and demonstrating value for the services we provide all customers in Ontario.

Most customers are interested to learn that only 37% of their bill (on average) is paid directly to Hydro One. We have found this loonie graphic to be a good visual tool in helping customers to understand the amount they pay for Hydro One services. 

 Loonie graphic

Source: Hydro One Networks Inc.

While the total cost of the average customer bill has increased over the past 10 years, our portion of the bill has increased at a total combined rate of approximately 1% per year.

It's important to us to deliver safe and reliable power, while also keeping costs contained as much as possible. In the graph that follows, we demonstrate the historical change in customer bills for an R1 Residential customer consuming 750 kWh/month over the last decade.

Historical Change in Bill chart
Source: Hydro One Networks Inc.

While we remain focused on affordability in Ontario, our organization also stays connected to industry practices, billing and affordability measures across North America. The graph below highlights the estimated total monthly bill amount across selected jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.

2017 Estimated Total Monthly Bill Amount ($) (before Tax) for Residential Rate Class
in Selected Jurisdictions in Canada and the United States


Pricing chart




For more facts, contact Hydro One Media Relations 24 hours a day at 1-877-506-7584
(toll-free in Ontario only) or 416-345-6868. Our website is Follow us on, and