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Each year, Hydro One welcomes more than 300 students to our team in a variety of roles. In a supportive and stimulating environment, students are immersed in key projects to learn and contribute as a part of our team and a critical component of our organization.

photo of Linda Chigbo standing outside of a Hydro One transformer station


Linda Chigbo, a university co-op student who completed her placement in Hydro One’s Protection and Control department, shared her experiences on what it has been like to be a part of our co-op program.

When I won the Women in Engineering Scholarship from Hydro One in 2015, little did I know that my life would change.

In the summer of 2015, I came to Hydro One as a scholarship recipient while I was studying Electrical Engineering at York University. I joined the Protection and Control (P&C) Technical Services team at the corporate office for four months. This was where I realized my passion for power and so in 2016, I returned for a 12 -month long internship with the same group to learn more.

During both placements, I had the opportunity to develop technical and transferable skills, grow my knowledge and contribute to the phenomenal work that provides safe and reliable electricity to Hydro One customers.

Mid-way through my first placement, I started thinking about a career in the field. I confided in my mentor who subsequently connected me with employees from various lines of business who provided me with advice and encouragement. My manager was a listening ear when I needed him the most and he allowed me to pursue my dream – a co-op placement in the field.

In May 2017, I started working as a P&C co-op student at the Essa Transformer Station (TS), just outside of Barrie. There, I helped out with a project at our Holland TS, learned about the ins and outs of P&C in the field, and safety basics. I was able to connect my experiences at the corporate office with hands-on field work, making my Hydro One experience that much fuller.

Several managers, particularly in the fields of Conceptual Engineering and Project Delivery, also played a big role in my success at this company.

I was also able to engage in my professional development as a student during my time here. From being part of the mentorship program with the
Women in Trades, Technology and Engineering (WTTE), participating in fundraising events with the Charity Campaign to developing public speaking skills through the Toastmasters club, I got to do it all.

My advice to current and future co-op students is this: be purpose-driven, tenacious and relentless. Take advantage of all the resources available in your company in order to grow personally and professionally.

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