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Forestry crew in front of a Hydro One truck who saved the life of an elderly woman hit by a car

Most people wouldn’t ever find themselves in that situation, but three employees answered that question after an elderly woman was hit by a car in Brockville.

Jeremy, Muren, and Matt were completing maintenance work in late August when they heard a loud noise coming from a nearby intersection. They rushed to the scene and found an elderly woman on the ground, as she had been crossing the street on her motorized wheelchair when a car hit her and knocked her over. She was bleeding and in pain.

The employees ran over to take care of her. To help stop the bleeding, one employee took his shirt off and placed it underneath her head. While this was happening, they called 911 and stayed with her until paramedics arrived at the scene.

“I think any decent human would have done the same,” said Jeremy.

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