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Image of a Polar Tree near a power line

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Hydro One. Whether it's the safety of our employees or the public, we never lose sight of its importance.

When Jason, a Power line Maintainer, was driving along a road east of Hagersville, he came across a property owner climbing wooden scaffolding in an attempt to trim a few branches of a tree near a power line.

The man was nailing two-by-fours to the poplar tree so that he could climb even further above the aluminum ladder (as seen in the photo) to trim the limbs of the tree.

Jason immediately stopped to discuss the safety concerns and potential dangers, such as electrical contact in the event a tree limb fell or came into contact with the power line.

That day, Jason notified his supervisor and arranged to have a forestry crew visit the property first thing the next morning to remove the tree. Upon arrival, the forestry crew removed the aluminum ladder, tools and proceeded to remove the tree safely using a bucket truck.

“With Jason identifying the hazard and our forestry crews getting to the property in a timely manner to safely remove the tree, they prevented an outage and more importantly, potentially saved this man’s life,” said Russ, Forestry Manager.

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