As Ontario’s population continues to grow, we need to ensure we have enough electricity to power our homes and businesses.

We're always working to find the right balance between meeting our energy needs for the 21st century and being good stewards of the environment. Working together to mitigate the environmental impacts will help us all by making the communities in which we live cleaner and healthier.

Hydro One remains committed to continually improving our environmental performance across all of our business lines. We set environmental objectives and targets, monitor our performance relative to expectations and implement programs to achieve continual improvement.

Conservation & Demand Management

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Hydro One is committed to managing our facilities and operations through a risk-based approach that avoids and/or minimizes our impact on the environment and supports ecosystem protection and conservation of biological diversity.

We always plan our work to limit our impacts on:
  • Species at risk

  • Migratory birds

  • The spread of invasive species

We're proud to have taken our regulatory responsibility a step further by establishing an active Biodiversity Advisory Committee (BAC) with representation from all our lines of business. The BAC develops, reviews and recommends best practices for biodiversity opportunities within Hydro One; it also vets proposals from third parties.  We are working to support pollinators and developing a pollinator-friendly seed mix in relation to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ pollinator health action plan.