Hydro One Networks Inc., files Distribution Rate Applications and submits them to the Ontario Energy Board following broad stakeholder input sessions. These sessions provide customers and other interested parties with the opportunity to have their opinions considered as Hydro One Networks plans the distribution system.

2008 Distribution Rate Application (EB-2007-0681)

On August 15, 2007 Hydro One Networks filed its Application and supporting exhibits in support of a proposal for a future rate change. These documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format and can be accessed by using the jump links below to either open or download files for specific Exhibits:

  • Exhibit A - Administration
  • Exhibit B - Cost of Capital 
  • Exhibit C - Cost Of Service 
  • Exhibit D - Rate Base 
  • Exhibit E - Revenue Requirement
  • Exhibit F - Regulatory Assets 
  • Exhibit G1 - Cost Allocation and Rate Design 
  • Exhibit G2 - Supporting Schedules
  • Exhibit H - Interrogatory Responses 
  • Exhibit J - Undertaking Responses 
  • Exhibit K - Miscellaneous Exhibits 
  • Argument - Reply Argument