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2013 Distribution Rate Application (EB-2012-0136)

On June 15, 2012 Hydro One Networks filed its Application and supporting exhibits in support of a proposal for a future rate change. These documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format and can be accessed by using the jump links below to either open or download files for specific Exhibits:

  • Exhibit A - Administration
  • Exhibit B - Incremental Capital Module
  • Exhibit C - Smart Grid and RTSR
  • Exhibit D - Density Study
  • Exhibit E1 - Rates
  • Exhibit E2 - Supporting Schedules 
  • Exhibit I - Interrogatory Responses
  • Exhibit J - Undertaking Responses
  • Exhibit K - Miscellaneous Exhibits
A full listing of the exhibits is provided in Exhibit A - Tab 1, Schedule 1.

A USB with with all files or a hard copy (five binders) are also available upon email request to Hardcopies of all exhibits listed can also be viewed at the offices of the Ontario Energy Board (27th floor, 2300 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON) or at the Hydro One Networks offices shown on the OEB Applications page.

Exhibit A - Administration
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – Exhibit List (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 2 Schedule 1 – Application (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 3 Schedule 1 – Summary of Application (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 4 Schedule 1 – Stakeholder Consultation, plus Appendices: ABCDE
Tab 5 Schedule 1 – Hydro One Networks Inc. Distribution Business Financial Statements for the Year ended December 31, 2011
Tab 6 Schedule 1 – Recent Rating Agency Reports, plus Attachments: 12345 and 6 
(Updated August 29, 2012)

Tab 7 Schedule 1 – Proposed Publications for Notice
Tab 8 Schedule 1 – Procedural Orders, Correspondence, Notices, plus Attachments: 1 and 2 (Updated August 29, 2012)

Exhibit B - Incremental Capital Module
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – Proposed Incremental Capital Module (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 1 Schedule 2 – Calculation of Incremental Capital Module Revenue Requirement
Tab 2 Schedule 1 – Escalated Issue Capital - Capital Contributions (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 2 Schedule 2 – Escalated Issue Capital - Distribution and Regulating Stations
Tab 2 Schedule 3 – Escalated Issue Capital - Wood Pole Replacement, plus Attachment 1
Tab 3 Schedule 1 – Non-Typical Capital - Customer Information System (CIS), plus Attachments: 12 (Updated August 29, 2012)

Exhibit C - Smart Grid and RTSR
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – Smart Grid(Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 2 Schedule 1 – Retail Transmission Service Rates

Exhibit D - Density Study
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – Density Study Proposal, plus Attachments: 123 (Updated August 29, 2012)

Exhibit E1 - Rates
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – Completion of Previously Approved Rate Harmonization
Tab 2 Schedule 1 – Rate Rider Calculations, plus Appendice: A and Attachments: 1234 
(Updated August 29, 2012)

Tab 3 Schedule 1 – Customer Bill Impact Summary

Exhibit E2 - Supporting Schedule
Tab 1 Schedule 1 – 2013 OEB 3GIRM Filing Module Output Sheets
Tab 2 Schedule 1 – Current Rate Schedules
Tab 2 Schedule 2 – Proposed Rate Schedules (Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 2 Schedule 3 – Proposed Rate Schedules based on Density Study Adjusted Rates
(Updated August 29, 2012)
Tab 3 Schedule 1 – Customer Impacts

Exhibit I - Interrogatory Responses
Tab 1 - Issue 1 Has Hydro One appropriately applied the IRM mechanism as specified by the Board?
Tab 2- Issue 2 Should the proposed capital projects be approved for ICM treatment?
(Updated November 21, 2012)

Tab 3 - Issue 3 Is Hydro One’s proposal with respect to the capital contribution allocated to Hydro One Transmission appropriate?
Tab 4 - Issue 4 Is Hydro One’s proposal with respect to the treatment of the CIS
project for 2013 and 2014 appropriate?

Tab 5 - Issue 5 Is Hydro One’s proposal to calculate revenue requirement for all of the proposed ICM projects, except CIS, based on full year depreciation, appropriate? In the event that Hydro One files on a cost of service basis for 2014, is an adjustment required, and if so should a deferral account be set up at this time to capture any such adjustment?
Tab 6 - Issue 6 Is the proposed rate implementation for projects approved under the ICM, if any, appropriate?
Tab 7 - Issue 7 Is the proposed calculation of the ICM rate rider, including the cost of capital parameters used in the calculation, appropriate?
Tab 8 - Issue 8 Is Hydro One’s proposed disposition of Group 1 Deferral and Variance Accounts appropriate?
Tab 9 - Issue 9 Is Hydro One’s proposed rate rider to share the impact of the income tax decrease with customers appropriate?
Tab 10 - Issue 10 Is Hydro One’s proposed Smart Grid rate adder appropriate?
Tab 11 - Issue 11 Are the proposed adjustments to the Retail Transmission Service rates appropriate?
Tab 12 - Issue 12 Is Hydro One’s proposal to implement the final adjustments of the Harmonization Plan in accordance with the Board’s directions?
Tab 13 - Issue 13 Is Hydro One’s proposal for the implementation of the Density Study findings appropriate?
 I-13-5.06 VECC 54 Attachment 1
 I-13-5.16 VECC 64 Attachment 1
Tab 14 - Issue 14 What is the appropriate effective date for new rates under this Application? If the effective date is prior to the date of actual implementation, what methods should be used to ensure that the amounts collected are consistent with the approved effective date?
Tab 15 - Issue 15 If new rates cannot be implemented by January 1, 2013, should Hydro One’s rates be declared interim, and if so, from and after what date?
Tab 16 - Issue 16 What are the terms, if any, of any true-up between the amounts collected under the ICM rate rider and the actual revenue requirement associated with approved ICM projects, and how should any difference between the proposed effective date of January 1, 2013 and the actual effective date approved by the Board be reflected in that true-up calculation?
Tab 17 - Issue 17 Is the proposed Tariff of Rates and Charges for 2013 appropriate?

Exhibit J - Undertaking Responses
Filed Undertaking Responses (Updated November 28, 2012)