A Distribution Operations Map (DOM) illustrates distribution lines and voltages in a specified area that is requested by a proponent. 

It illustrates the availability of Single and Three Phase lines that the proponent may wish to connect to. It also supplies the Feeder name and voltage of the lines to be used when applying for a Connection Impact Assessment. A DOM covers an area of roughly seven (7) square kilometres. 

You may request a DOM by filling out the  DOM Application Form. Please be as precise as possible when requesting your map. 

IMPORTANT: Customers or companies can submit up to 25 Pre-FIT consultation requests and up to 25 DOM requests at no charge. Please note effective December 14, 2015, any Pre-FIT Consultation or DOM request exceeding the 25th request (per type) will be charged an administrative fee. 

The following​ charges will apply for each additional request over 25 requests per type: 
  • DOM requests will be charged $12.00 + HST per request over 25

  • Pre-FIT requests will be charged $16.00 + HST per request 25

Note: ​The total number of requests submitted are calculated over the lifetime of each customer, and calculated by type. Customers can submit up to 25 free Pre-FIT Consultations and up to 25 free DOM requests before charges apply.  

Additional DOM Information: 
  • A DOM request can be made for generation greater than 10 kW

  • A DOM is a necessary requirement for a Connection Impact Assessment

  • Before a DOM is provided, we require a Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement (Map Release) to be signed and returned to us

  • We provide the first 25 DOMs at no cost

  • DOM requests will be completed within 15 days. If multiple requests are made, additional time may be required.