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We are proud to supply electricity to over 70 Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) across the province. Each of these LDCs have significant power requirements and unique needs. This page provides information and resources for LDCs connected to our system.


If you are a Transmission Load Connection applicant, please visit here.

General LDC Forms
Pre-consultation for LDC Generators ​LDC Form B Application​​
CIA Study Agreem​ent​​​​ TVR Template​​​​
Letter of Equivalency​​​​​


Important Notes for LDCs


  • Transmission Load Connection applicants please visit here.

  • The “Threshold Allocation Assessment (TAA)" process has been changed to “Threshold Allocation (TA)". TA applicants now receive an Agreement Letter acknowledging capacity based on Bus Type as opposed to previous classifications based on "Inverters" and “Load Displacement".

  • The fee for a Threshold Allocation (TA) is $500 and does not vary according to project size. Note: This fee is applicable for 1) New applications; and 2) Revised applications if a detailed study is required.

  • Projects that apply for a new CIA after rescinding a previous one will be charged an amount equal to 50% of the applicable CIA fee if the project connects to the same station and feeder. 

  • Projects that are less than or equal to 500 kW, and are LDC owned or connected to express feeders, a Single Line Diagram (SLD) and Protection Description Matrix are required. This ensures we are properly documenting telemetry while also properly planning for the future needs of our distribution system. Similar to other projects, the SLD and Protection Matrix must be provided no later than 8-weeks prior to the In-service Date of the project. See Documents & Timelines for LDC Based Projects (above) for all LDC project See the bulletin regarding this requirement posted on October 28, 2014. ​

Contact us at for more information on LDC Generation.