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Meter Exit Process - Preliminary Steps to Use or Install New ITs Inside a Hydro One Station

Meter Exit Process - Design & Execution Steps

Use/Upgrade Existing Instrument Transformers (ITs)

This option allows for Use of Existing Hydro One ITs, or new installation of dedicated metering ITs including MMPs new equipment in order to comply with Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) Market Rules. Read the temporary permission notice from Measurement Canada.

Process – Exit Agreement

  • MMP submits signed copy of 'Schedule 1’ indicating the use of existing ITs and/or signed application for new metering installation.

  • A notice is sent to the Project Manager to engage the customer for an estimate on regulatory work.

  • The Project Manager arranges a site visit with customer to initiate engineering proposal.

  • Customer to sign off on proposal and estimated costs.

  • We initiate the Exit Agreement (“Customer Wholesale Revenue Metering Agreement"). We also initiate Local Service Agreement (LSA) for use of our ITs as applicable.

  • One of our Project Managers will complete engineering schedule and implement installation. NOTE: CWRMA must be completed before implementation.

  • An Exit Fee of $5200 per meter point (plus HST) is payable to us.

Market Participant MP/MMP Obligation

When the transitional arrangement ends, MMPs have obligations under the market rules. View the MMP Obligations under Chapter 6, section 3.2 (PDF 183 KB).

In addition to the above obligations, if a MPs/MMPs existing metering installation is providing us with Real Time Data for operating purposes, the MP/MMP that is one of our transmission customers, has an obligation under the Transmission System Code to continue to provide this data.

Metered Market Participant Application for New Wholesale Revenue Metering Installation inside our transmission stations.

  • The 'Schedule 1’ application is to be used for all new Wholesale Metering ITs inside one of our transmission stations.

Customer Wholesale Revenue Metering Agreements (CWRMA)

  • Customer Wholesale Revenue Metering Agreement

  • NOTE: CWRMA must be signed prior to work being scheduled

CWRMA - Legacy
  • When a customer wishes to use our existing legacy ITs (e.g., meter-only upgrades). The agreement consists of the following components:

    • Binder Document 

    • Main Body 

    • Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 3, Schedule 4, Schedule 5, Telephone Transfer Form

CWRMA – New Installations
  • Where a customer has been granted accommodation of a new wholesale metering installation, or a full upgrade (new ITs), inside our stations. The agreement consists of the following components:

    • Binder Document 

    • Main Body 

    • Application Schedule 1a, Schedule 3, Schedule 4a, Schedule 5

Local Service Agreements (LSA)

  • Agreement between our local station services and customer using our metering equipment inside our stations.

  • Details any arrangements agreed to regarding trouble call response, IT replacement, spares, local contacts, pricing, and                     terms of payment.