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Below you will find the instructions on acquiring, provisioning, and commissioning a new modem and service from Bell Mobility.


Please ensure to read and follow these instructions carefully:

New HSPA SIM cards for our private network on Bell’s HSPA cellular service can only be obtained from National Wireless – our Bell distributor. Use the contact information listed below to contact National Wireless. Advise them that you need to obtain a new HSPA SIM card on our private SCADA network to replace your existing CDMA service. Note that your existing CDMA service cannot be cancelled until after we has confirmed your cutover to the new HSPA network, as described in step three.

Rohit Sharma
National Wireless - Corporate Account Manager


tel: 416-553-0373

Note that HSPA SIM cards obtained from your local Bell store will not work as only National Wireless is authorized to provision Bell HSPA SIM cards on our private SCADA network.

National Wireless will help you set up your new Bell HSPA wireless account. You will be required to provide National Wireless either AutoPay information or a credit card for direct monthly billing of Bell wireless services on the HSPA network. Again, note that you are not to cancel existing CDMA services until after your cutover is confirmed with our team.

After your SIM card order is placed, National Wireless will contact us to obtain specific and unique network settings required for your new HSPA SIM card. In order to facilitate this interaction, please provide National Wireless with the following information at the time of your SIM card order:  Your Site Name, HONI Project ID, and the name of your HONI Account Executive.


Step 1b: Obtaining your new HSPA cellular wireless modem

Your existing CDMA modem will not be compatible with HSPA cellular service. Therefore, you will need to purchase a new modem for use on Bell HSPA. At the time of this letter (April 22, 2016), the recommended modem model for use with Bell HSPA is the Digi Transport WR21 (part # WR21-L62A-DE1-TH).

You have the option of purchasing your new HSPA modem from National Wireless at the same time as you place your SIM card order with them. If you choose to go this route, note that the modem will arrive pre-configured, which should make commissioning easier.

You can contact with questions relating to the recommended modem hardware, or to let us know that you are having procurement issues with the recommended hardware.

Step 2: Coordinating your cellular modem cutover with Hydro One

Once you have obtained your new HSPA modem with SIM card, you must coordinate the transfer of SCADA communication from your CDMA modem to your new HSPA modem with us. We will have to change over your connection on their end on the same day that you swap your modems at your generation site. Coordinating the cutover will avoid a prolonged outage to your SCADA communication. Do not disconnect your CDMA modem before your cutover date.

You can request a cutover date by emailing Use the following subject line template and replace with your own information: “#12345 SITEXXXX – CDMA Migration". Due to the high volume of customer cutovers, please allow at least two weeks lead time. We will try to accommodate your requested date, but if we are unable to, we will propose an alternate date nearby.

On the day of your cutover, we will also perform a Connectivity Test for your new HSPA modem to ensure that the connection meets our requirements. The technical requirements are listed on a separate page, enclosed. You will need to receive confirmation from us that have passed your Connectivity Test with your new HSPA modem before you cancel your Bell CDMA service and retire your CDMA modem.


Please be prepared to have a technician on-site on the day of the cutover. Your technician will need to be able to do the following:

  • Transfer the serial cable connecting your Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) from your old CDMA modem over to your new             HSPA modem.

  • Troubleshoot your modem settings. Note that if you purchase a preconfigured modem from National Wireless, the need for troubleshooting the modem settings will be greatly reduced.

  • Adjust the antenna setup to achieve the minimum required -80dBm signal strength on your new HSPA modem. If you are having issues achieving the minimum signal strength, National Wireless may have advice on antennas and boosters.

Hydro One Technical Requirements for Network Connectivity Test
  • Your new HSPA modem will facilitate SCADA communication via DNP3 from your Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to us.

  • Your modem’s signal strength must be at least -80 dBm in order to pass the Connectivity Test.

  • Prior to the Connectivity Test, you can ensure that your SIM card has been provisioned properly by powering on your modem and ensure that the Mobile IP Address matches the mobile IP specified by us. If your modem does not show the correct Mobile IP Address, please contact prior to your cutover date so that we can work with Bell to get any IP provisioning issues resolved. Please be advised that leaving such issues to the cutover day may result in delays as the IP address resides within Bell’s system and cannot be configured on the modem.

  • Communication between your cellular modem and your RTU must via a serial connection. Your serial port settings should be 9600 baud, 8-N-1, no flow control. Ensure the pinout of your serial cable matches the pinout specified in your RTU’s documentation.

Selected Required Modem Settings
  • Traffic over TCP port 20000 should be configured to communicate via the modem’s serial port

  • The name of the APN should be set in the new HSPA modem to