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"Hello, thank you for calling Hydro One! This is Holly.
How can I help you?"

Have you ever thought about who's behind the phone or behind the computer screen when sending a Tweet to Hydro One? It's a team of more than 400 dedicated individuals at our customer contact centre.

Located in Markham and London, Hydro One's customer contact employees handle more than 2 million calls and over 60,000 emails a year from customers across the province. Customer service at Hydro One also gets social with a team of agents who respond to customers on Facebook and Twitter.

"Instead of picking up the phone, we're using social media to connect with our customers. However we do it, it's important we can be someone our customers trust and that we're doing whatever we can," said Holly.

As part of Hydro One's announcement to bring its customer contact employees back in-house, Holly along with others like Kyle and Liljana, will have an even larger role in advancing the company's renewed service culture.

Image of Hydro One Call Centre Agent

"It's important to deliver service in ways that respond to our customers' needs and expectations. Sometimes that's over the phone, by email or on social media," said Liljana, who has worked at Hydro One for nearly 15 years.

"Many of us use social media and delivering customer service this way provides another choice for our customers and one that they may prefer over others."

Kyle has been involved with the social media team since its inception and echoes the need to be available to customers in ways that make sense to them. "Being there for our customers is important, which includes social media. It's becoming more important each and every day and it only makes sense we're a part of this too," said Kyle.

Hydro One continues to build on its commitment to delivering service its customers can depend on by transitioning its employees back in-house. For more information about the announcement, visit the news release page here