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We’ve rung in 2018, and you’ve probably already made your New Year’s resolutions. Why not add a resolution to change the way you conserve electricity in your home?

Hydro One offers three easy conservation resolutions to consider making in 2018:

icon: house with a power phantom flying out of the window

Tackle phantom power by making time to monitor your electricity usage

Every year most homes see more electronic tools, gadgets and appliances come through the door, and with that means an increase in energy usage. Many of these products use electricity while not in use but left plugged in. This is called "phantom" or "standby" power, and it could account for up to 10 per cent of your home’s energy use. The average Canadian home has 25 or more electronic devices that use phantom power, costing approximately $150 a year in electricity.

logo: Save on Energy

Take part in at least one Save on Energy program and put more money back in your wallet

Electricity service providers in Ontario offer numerous Save on Energy programs that help customers lower their electricity usage. From heating and cooling rebates to home assistance programs, there are many resources to help you save energy and lower your bill. Visit Saving Money & Energy for current programs.


icon: house with lightning bolt and dollar sign on it

Resolve to make energy-efficient decisions when buying home-related products or renovating

Whether you are purchasing a new light bulb, appliance or undergoing a renovation, take the time to research what the most energy-efficient option is, as those purchases will have a greater return on investment. Start small! The average Ontario home has 30 light fixtures, so trade up to LED bulbs and see your long-term savings grow.


Hydro One can help you monitor your electricity use and tackle phantom power by using your Hydro One online account. Simply visit to sign up or log in. Keep an eye out for times when nobody is home but your energy consumption is high, as this is a sign that items are plugged in and draining power. You can also set up an alert to monitor for changes in your usage so that you can budget for any changes.

Save Energy and Money

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Saving energy and controlling costs for your home or business is easy with our incentives, tools, and expert support.

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