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Ice, ice safety

Beware the dangers of ice on sidewalks and roadways

As Ontario's largest electricity transmission and distribution company, we encounter all kinds of wintry weather: fluctuating temperatures, freezing rain and ice storms. We've learned a few lessons from battling winter weather. To help customers stay safe in icy conditions, we offer our top tips for winter ice safety.

icon of a cloud with wind

Snow, rain and freezing rain can cause ice to form on trees and powerlines. When ice builds up, the added weight can break tree limbs, damage power lines and cause power disruptions. Heavy winds can also bring down trees and damage property. Our research shows that many customers don’t know what to do if they see a downed powerline. Protect yourself with these powerline safety tips:

What to do


icon of a winter boot
Pedestrian safety

Icy conditions on sidewalks, walkways and parking lots can pose slipping hazards in winter. Our hydro crews and line maintainers across Ontario often encounter blizzards and snow storms. They’re trained not only in electrical safety, but also in first aid, emergency scene management and defensive driving – and they don’t wait for a storm warning to take precautions. Here are their tips for pedestrian safety in winter:

What to do


icon of a holiday candle
Icy roads

Not long ago, a driver in southwestern Ontario hit a patch of black ice, slid off the highway and right into one of our wooden poles. Thankfully, his injuries were minor and there was no electrical contact, but the pole was broken and local drivers had to detour while we completed repairs. It was a good reminder of how ice can impact our infrastructure – and why drivers should be extra cautious on icy winter roads.

What to do


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