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Get energy-efficient upgrades for your home and ease spending on your electricity bills.

Affordability Fund header: Yes we can help ease what you spend on electricity. For good!

Hydro One supports the AffordAbility Fund which provides you with with free energy-saving upgrades that can lower your home energy use and your electricity bill. We're here to help!


1-855-494-FUND (3863)

Get your free kit today

The process is easy and you can get free upgrades for your home.
Watch the video to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is offering this program?

The Government of Ontario established a $100 million AffordAbility Fund to assist electricity customers who do not qualify for low-income conservation programs. The AffordAbility Fund is funded by an independent trust set up by the Government of Ontario and offered to you by Hydro One.

Why is this program being offered?
I have already qualified for LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program), HAP (Home Assistance Program) and/or OESP (Ontario Electricity Support Program).
Do I still qualify for the AffordAbility Fund?
I do not qualify for financial assistance programs, do I qualify for this program?
I live in social or assisted living housing. Do I qualify?
I rent my home, do I qualify?
I have fallen behind on my bills, do I qualify?
Will I need to provide any personal information?
My home is electrically heated, do I qualify for this program?
Do I have to pay for upgrades or installation?
How long does installation take?
I have qualified for support. When can I expect to receive my free upgrades?

AffordAbility Fund is a trade-mark of Affordability Fund Trust, used under license.The AffordAbility Fund is run by the Affordability Fund Trust and supported by funding from the Government of Ontario.