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New! Rebates are now available up to $5,800 for air-source heat pumps.
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Stay warm and cozy for less

Did you know that up to 65% of your home’s energy use goes to heating and cooling? With up to $5,800* in rebates available - it pays to invest in efficiency. 

All-season comfort

Air conditioner

Get $600 when you install a new high‑efficiency central air conditioner

Newer models are more reliable and less prone to breakdowns.

Must be ENERGY STAR® certified, SEER 18/13 EER rating or higher and have an eligible indoor coil.


Get $250 when you replace your furnace with a new high-efficiency model

Reduces home heating costs by 25% per year.

Your new central heating system must have an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM).

ECM pump

Get $30 when you install a new ECM circulator pump for your hydronic heating system

Significantly increases energy savings and is easy to install.

Must be installed on an existing hydronic heating system and have a variable speed ECM.

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Your furnace and central air conditioner share the same blower motor. By upgrading both systems, you could save up to $325/year in energy costs

Do you have an electrically heated home?

Get $1,900 to $5,800 when you install an air-source heat pump (ASHP)

  • Save up to 50% on heating costs

  • Versatile installation options

  • Provides the additional benefit of air conditioning


Multiport ASHP

$2,500 —

Cold Climate 

Cold Climate 
Ductless Multiport

$3,000 —
Cold Climate 


Must be a home or small business with electricity as primary heating source, ENERGY STAR® certified or CEE Tier-1 level system, minimum SEER 15/HSPF 8.5/EER 12.5 rating. Other qualifications may apply.

Get $50 when you install a new adaptive thermostat

  • Reduce energy costs up to 15%

  • Control heating remotely from smartphones and tablets

  • Increase home comfort and convenience

Must be a qualifying model installed in a home or business with ducted electric heating. Must be web-enabled with heat pump lockout temperature control.

Work with a participating contractor to purchase and install your new equipment.

Find a contractor near you

Your contractor must submit your online rebate form.

Send in your proof of purchase:


Save on Energy Incentives
30 Commercial Road
Toronto, ON
M4G 1Z4

Note: if you choose to send in via mail, we recommend sending it via registered mail

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Your Essential Home Heating Guide

Ontario winters can be unpredictable. That's why we've put together a home heating guide with tips, checklists and resources to help you keep your home warm while keeping heating costs down.

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