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Your Home Energy Dashboard helps you understand your usage relative to other similar homes and provides helpful energy saving tips to achieve bill savings. Included on your dashboard is a historical analysis, a comparison feature and tailored tips to help you save.

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Studies show that households significantly reduce energy use when they learn how much their "neighbours" are saving. That's why your Home Energy Dashboard shows your usage relative to other households in your area. 

For the science behind energy household reporting, have a look at this video.

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In fact, 58 per cent of those Hydro One customers that receive their Home Energy Dashboard discuss it with other members of the household. And nearly one-third take specific action after reviewing the information, from replacing light bulbs and inefficient appliances to HVAC upgrades and much more.

Update your profile online

Enhance your dashboard

We use municipal records for your home size and billing data analysis for your heating type to find similar homes typically within 6 km of your home. For more accurate and personalized insights, you can quickly and easily update your home's profile as follows: log in to myAccount, select "Tools & Calculators" and then select "Home Energy Dashboard" to update your profile.

In order to access your Home Energy Dashboard online,  you must first register for myAccount.

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"Neighbour" Comparison

See how your home electricity use compares to similar-sized homes in your neighbourhood.

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Progress tracking

Easy-to-read graphs show how your home performs month to month.

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Personalized tips

Get practical solutions, including rebate program offers, that can make your home more energy efficient.


Science driven

Check out this video to learn about the science behind Home Energy Dashboard:

We're here to help.

Contact us

For help accessing your Home Energy Dashboard or any other account-related inquiries, get in touch.

Email or call us:
1-844-330-4359 (7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

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Your privacy is our priority

We only use your information to provide useful insight about your energy consumption. Your information is compiled anonymously and is not shared. No other customers see your personal data, Your personal information is collected in accordance with hydro One’s Privacy Code located at

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By reducing your energy consumption and helping you save money

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By easing strain on the grid during high-demand hours

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The planet

By reducing greenhouse gas emissions