People and Potential

Our people make Hydro One strong and unique. Our people strategy is designed to inspire employees and prepare our workforce for our evolving needs. We will continue to develop a diverse workforce with the skills and experience to match the demands of our new corporate strategy and our ever-evolving customer and business needs.

Employees and Workplace

We understand the success and strength of our business rests with our people. When we develop their skills, we are investing in both their success and ours. We take a proactive approach to identifying and recruiting talent and to building the skills and capacity of our team.

Our talent team reconfirmed succession plans at the senior levels, while identifying high-potential employees. The identification of critical roles was also an important part of the process last year. We continue to focus on ensuring these roles have robust succession plans with a deep pipeline of talent that can be developed in an accelerated manner in order to mitigate risk should the role become vacant.

We have strengthened Hydro One’s recruitment process to reduce potential bias in our hiring practices, bringing in an external expert to help us identify some of the possible unconscious biases in the Company’s recruitment processes – such as in interview questions and job posting placements – and how we could form partnerships to attract diverse candidates. We have incorporated all recommendations regarding non-biased interview questions and accessible job postings and we are currently working to institute a structured, consistent method of screening resumes to reduce the potential for anchoring and affinity bias.

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People at Hydro
The Catalyst Accord is a global non-profit organization dedicated to gender parity in the workplace. As a signatory to the Catalyst Accord, Hydro One remains committed to maintaining at least 30% female board members and 30% female executives.

Learn more about our Board of Director’s Diversity policy here.

Diversity and Inclusion

We seek to create a workforce that reflects the diverse populations of the communities where we live and work. We benefit from a collaborative and inclusive culture sustained and complemented by the strength of different backgrounds, perspectives, ideas and insights. We value equity, diversity and inclusion and stand for racial equality at all levels of our organization.

2019 was a pivotal year for diversity and inclusion. In addition to our diversity and inclusion policy being recognized as a key corporate policy, we launched a diversity and inclusion council. This group, comprised of directors from across Hydro One, has a mandate to advocate for and drive change throughout the organization on diversity and inclusion programming, initiatives and policies.

We are cognizant that much work remains in advancing diversity and inclusion at all levels of our Company to better reflect where we work and the communities we represent across the province.

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Diversity Graph Graph2 Diversity at Hydro One

1Defined as Vice President and above roles.