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Retrofit Program

Improve your operations by upgrading equipment such as lighting, HVAC, motors, and pumps.

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Energy Manager - Small and Medium Enterprises

Looking to lower your business energy use? An energy manager assists in providing tools and expertise to find energy savings and identify smart energy investments. *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

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Small Business Lighting

See your business in a new light with up to $2000 in incentives towards eligible energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

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Energy Performance

Increase your energy savings over time, reduce your operating costs, and improve your productivity.

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Foodservice Distributor Discount Program

Up to $1,000 off eligible equipment with lasting benefits.

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Process and Systems Upgrade

The program was discontinued as of December 31, 2020. It will be replaced by a new offering in 2022 that will focus on larger, more complex projects.

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Refrigeration Efficiency Program

Thank you for your interest in the Refrigeration Efficiency Program. The program has closed and applications are no longer being accepted. If you have a scheduled installation pending, installs will be occurring until June 30th, 2021. If you require more information on your installation, or have any questions please contact us at, or Hydro One's REP delivery partner at, or 1-833-274-7378.

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Large Industrial & Manufacturing

Aim for industrial-sized savings. 
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MUSH (Municipal, Universities, Schools, Hospitals)

Ideas for capital projects and more. 
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Large Commercial

Owners and tenants both benefit from upgrades. 
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There is funding available for upgrades on your farm. 
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Guest comfort and savings, all in one.
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Cut overhead costs with incentives.
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Get seed money for energy upgrades.
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Small Business

New lighting, controls, and more.
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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Twin your systems for maximum efficiency.
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Rooftop Air Units

The number on your unit tells an important story.
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Variable Frequency Drives

Smooth the power output of motors, fans and pumps.
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Leak reduction efforts can have a large effect.
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The lowest running costs come from the highest efficiency.
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