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There are six phases in the transmission generation connection process that include multiple steps and procedures within each phase that may overlap to facilitate critical in-service dates.

Getting Started

You should first complete a pre-consultation with Hydro One and read these important considerations before you begin the transmission connection process for Generators.  

Process Overview

The phases of the transmission connection process are identified below. Click on each phase for more detail:

Phase 1 - Connection Application
Phase 2 - System & Customer Impact Assessments
Phase 3 - Connection Estimates
Phase 4 - Cost Recovery Agreement
Phase 5 - Design and Build
Phase 6 - Commissioning

Phase 1 - Connection Application

Arrow Phase 2 - System and Customer Impact Assessments Arrow Phase 3 - Connection Estimates Arrow Phase 4 - Cost Recovery Agreement Arrow Phase 5 - Design & Build Arrow Phase 6 - Commissioning

  Approximate Timeline: An average connection can take anywhere from 18 months to over three 
  years to complete. Certain land issues and approval processes can extend project timelines.

Learn more about the IESO's Connection Assessment & Approval (CAA) process


  IESO Connection Assessment & Approval (CAA): Customers requesting a new or modified
  connection to Hydro One's transmission system must apply and register with Hydro One and The
  Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).
Connection Assessment and Approval
  (CAA) is a separate process that runs parallel with Hydro One's Customer Connection Process.
  The CAA process includes a System Impact Assessment (SIA) which is conducted to assess the
  impact of the connection proposal on the reliability of Ontario's transmission system.


Connection Process for Transmission Connected Renewable Generation Projects
March 27, 2013
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